New Battery Technology




Lithium-ion batteries are our choice after more than five years of evaluation and testing.

They are able to provide and absorb energy within milliseconds at any state-of-charge for any depth-of-discharge without a resting period.

Moreover, lithium-ion batteries provide safe and reliable operation at very competitive costs.

  • Very high cycle durability and micro-cycling capability
  • Depth of discharge of up to 95%
  • High energy and power density
  • Compact design
  • Comprehensive passive and active safety features
  • Standard HVAC system requirements for operations
  • Simple setup and low maintenance (no trickle charging, no fluids, no moving parts, no exchange of wearables or consumables during lifetime)
  • No noise and no emissions
  • Industry leading product and performance guarantees from the manufacturers


New Battery technology


We offer the integration of Aquion’s AHI batteries which provide high performance, safe, sustainable,

and cost-effective energy storage for long-duration stationary applications. The technology is preferred

for applications with high capacity requirements such as in mini-grids with high renewable shares.

  • Environmentally friendly with no hazardous materials (no corrosive acids or noxious fumes)
  • Composed of a saltwater electrolyte, manganese oxide cathode, carbon composite anode, and synthetic cotton separator.
  • Very high durability and cycle life
  • Robust design and abuse tolerant (depth of discharge of up to 100%)
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • No air-conditioning and no thermal management required
  • Cradle to cradle certified