Valswana Security Surveilance System

Valswana Security Surveilance System

Our security monitorin solution has an all weather camera with a special sensor the IR-signal allows high quality night and day vision.

Addition following features are:

  • External Alarm
    I/O connectors for PIR-sensors and other alarm systems

  • Audio
    Externe Chinch connector for audio in and out

  • FULL HD Auflösung
    HD: 1280×960 [960p]
    HD PRO: 1920×1080 [1080p]

Surveilance Service

Video-Hardware data

(High-Performance Sensor for industrial solutions for high res night vision)

Objective Typ Ultra wide angle objektive (2,8mm)

Angle ca. 100°

Zoom No (Fix)

Video-data transfer

Compression H.264, JPG

Resolution 1920×1080 (FULL-HD), 1280×720 (HD-720p), 640×360 (VGA), 320×180 (QVGA)

Max. rate 25 fps [1080p] / 30 fps [720p/360p/180p]


Infrarot-night view (IR) yes (monitoring in complete darkness)

Integrated IR-Cut Filter yes (correct colors during the day)

amount of IR-LEDs 36

Max. night view distance 25-30m [for higher distances additional IR-LED reflectors have to be mounted]


Integrated Microfone No

Integrated speaker No

Audio-Format G.711 / G.726

Audio In/Out yes/yes


direct connection via P2P yes (no port-forewarding necessay)

remote access via IPv4 / IPv6 yes / yes

DDNS-Adresse yes

Provider DDNS,,,


LAN RJ-45, 10/100 MBit/s

PoE Addition equipment

WLAN yes, 108MBit

Max WLAN reach (inside) 8-10m (through 2 normal walls oder 1 concrete steal-ceiling)

Max WLAN reach (outside) 15-20m (free field)

WPS-Funktion yes


Recording with CloudCorder yes(additional cost )

Aufnahme auf SD Karte Ja (8GB SD-Karte kostenlos im Lieferumfang [original Kingston])

Aufnahme mit Ton Nein

Aufnahme-Zeitplan Ja


motion recognition yes

motion recognition-timescedule yes

Alarm on CloudCorder yes (extra costs)

Alarm via Push-Message on Smartphone yes

CloudCorder-App on Android and iPhone/iPad

Alarm-Pis as Email yes

Alarm-Pics as FTP Upload yes

Alarm-Videos as FTP Upload yes

Alarm I/O (external I/O) yes


Password yes, all password freely selectable

3-Level-access (Administrator, User, Guest)

WLAN-encryption yes (AES/TKIP, WEP/WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK)


Multi-Ansicht for 9 cameras Yes(Internet Explorer or via CloudCorder)

Snapshot Function yes

Motor-control/Optical Zoom No

Operation temperature -20 °C to +50 °C

Supply DC 12V 1A

weight 0,7 kg

camera size WxHxD: 7,0cm x 7,5cm x 18,0cm (w/o antenna and mounting)

supported OS Windows, Linux

supported Browsers Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari

supported smartphones iPhone, iPad, Android Phones, Android Tablets

FULL HD (1920×1080 Pixel)

Sharp pictures with a special high resolution sensor allows you to see 9x more details than stanndard cameras. The H.264 compression reduces the data volume recorded other than standard cameras. Severral cameras can be connected throught one internet connection.

Night vision

This camera has integrated infrared-LEDs to be able to see and record everything also at night.

The used full-HD sensor allows you to see in full darkness with a high resolution. Other person cannot see the light emitted from the LED lights.



Audio in and out

With this type of security cameras you can hear whats going on and talk to anyone around the camera by connecting a microphone and a speaker.

Mit der upCam Typhoon HD PRO können Sie nicht nur sehen, sondern auch hören was vor Ihrer Kamera geschieht. Und mit einem Klick können Sie einen externen Lautsprecher aktivieren, um über Ihre upCam zu sprechen. Auch möglich über Ihr Android Smartphone oder Tablet, sowie iPhone oder iPad. Schließen Sie hierzu einfach ein Mikrofon und Lautsprecher an die Chich- Anschlüsse der upCam Typhoon HD PRO

Alarm In-and-Out

The secuity cameras can be combined with a PIR-sensor in order to reduce error readings.

You can also start recording with an outside signal from an external sensor.

Optionaly it can also be connected to separate alarm system.

WLAN connection

Connection to a router via WLAN

Motion recognition

You can receive pictures via email if movements occur in front of the camera or a video will be stored on a SD-card in the camera or in a PC. It is also possible to record in a cloud recorder and send a push message to you smartphone.

Access via Smartphone or Tablet

you have access to the cam from everywhere through internet.

Daylight test image


Night vision



500.00 USD per camera

1,200.00 USD mounting and setup per cam

2,500.00 USD installation one Surveilance System / Tower or other Building

1,000.00 USD monthly security running service per Towers up to 10/reduction for more

+ extra costs for security intervention teams

— quotations will be sent when recquested —