Solar Power Solution for Africa

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Our services


By means of our consultancy services and products, we accompany you from the project planning and development phase right through to the implementation of intelligent storage systems. We assist you:

  • As an operator of diesel grids: currently, remote grids are almost without exception operated by means of diesel generators. Via intelligent storage systems, you can integrate renewable energies by up to 100% and save costs. Working with our partners, we provide turn-key renewable energy systems.
  • As a general contractor: do you wish to tap the market for off-grid applications and are planning the integration of renewable energies? Then take advantage of our expertise in the field of energy storage systems and intelligent energy management!
  • As a project developer: you are already aware of the advantages of intelligent storage systems and still need to convince your clients and partners? We provide you with the necessary arguments and work out your business case.
  • As a visionary for grid-connected applications: with your ideas for innovative storage applications, you have come to the right place: we apply our know-how and turn your vision into a commercial product and solutions, which are profitable now and in the future.

Villages and communities:

Via mini-grids with renewables, electricity can even be generated in rural regions without grid access, thus enabling an economical development. Used as a backup power supply system, the Qinous ESS can reduce the diesel costs in regions with a poor grid.