Battery Theft Solution


We have explored a system used of burying batteries underground in a vault to deter theft in remote (in the wild) areas where telecommunication companies operate sites. This system is currently being used in some European countries where similar cases of battery thefts are occurring. Systems of protecting electrical equipment were initially proposed in the early years in the USA through prior art technology, the one we’re dealing with now was invented in December of 1999, in the USA by Charles G. Machledt. Once approved and certified it has since been adopted and is in use in some European countries.

The invention we’re introducing is a vault for storing batteries & the charging system (rectifier) underground.

It is built with a high density polythene body, reinforced with a concrete body and floor.

Two conduits disposed in a generally concentric manner communicate between the interior of the vault & the external atmosphere, there’s also an allowance for a ventilation pipe running to the outside of the chamber allowing gasses gradually produced by the batteries to escape.

Inside the vaults are heavy polythene chambers of about 1524mm x 915mm x 660mm or 770mm which can accommodate 8 or more Haze HYZ 170Ah batteries.
The chamber is welded along the joints to provide some high level of water tightness.

The chamber then has a cover on top which is locked in four corners with a turn buckle lock and has a rubber gasket underneath to seal the top of the chamber, and a welded base on the bottom